CCTV Security System


A CCTV system offers you an affordable and scalable solution for protecting and monitoring your business premises.  The value of a CCTV system is in its ability to be used in a wide range of applications that can help the profitability of your business, this includes:

  • Prevention of break-ins
  • Reduction of theft from customers and staff
  • Monitor staff productivity
  • Deter loitering and prevent suspicious behaviour

A CCTV system is an integral component of your overall security solution, and CCTV systems easily integrate with your access control and alarm systems. With IP CCTV systems, you can even monitor your premises in real time over the Internet. Your CCTV system can accommodate a large scale of cameras across multiple sites and include internal and external cameras all of which can be easily managed through a central management system, which gives you the facilities to be able to change and configure how your system works.  Just some of the vast range features of our CCTV systems are:

  • Ability for continuous recording or on set schedules
  • Recording on motion
  • Event tagging such as doors opening for fast identification and retrieval
  • Panning, tilting and zooming camera footage
  • Exporting and saving footage to your PC or USB storage device
  • Viewing live or recorded footage over the internet via a PC, iPhone or Android Smartphone
  • Using infrared cameras designed for night and outdoors use
  • Ability to remotely manage and control the CCTV system

IT Teks are CCTV experts and we recommend and install CCTV systems from Uniview, Ganz, and PACOM.  We are happy to discuss with you how a CCTV system can form part of a cost effective complete security system for you business.

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