Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is affordable, off-site computer storage, via the internet for hosting applications, data storage, software development platforms that can be accessed on-demand by any of your users. IT TEKS does this by setting up one platform of cloud computing for your business, provided either at IT TEKS or built on your site by us.

We can do this in a staged process firstly using virtualisation to consolidate your servers to run multiple applications on each server instead of just one.  This increases the utilization rate of, and gets more value from, every server, which dramatically reduces the number of servers needed racked, powered, cooled and managed.

IT TEKS provides cloud computing from our data-centres in Melbourne, integrated by a high-performance private network.

Cloud computing for your business, offers you endless possibilities, such as:

  • A cloud-computing layer with exactly the number of cores (all 2.0GHz or faster), RAM, and local or SAN storage, which your application requires
  • Deployment in real-time, with hourly or monthly billing
  • Image management system of any server whether on premise or cloud deployed, scaled and/or migrated in whichever direction you choose
  • No matter where your on-premise servers are, they can be connected as if they are in one rack—without any back-end network reconfiguration.

Cloud computing gives increased:

  • Flexibility, elasticity and scalability to optimize your business efficiency and best serve the needs of your business.
  • Access by your staff to your applications and data.
  • Security of data for your specific requirements.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 provides access to your work through a browser in the Cloud and finds all your settings and documents just as you left them on your desktop—whether you’re using your tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Migration to Office 365

Migration to Office 365 is transferring all your data including emails from your existing office suite to Microsoft Office 365. IT TEKS will take care of all the complexities of setting up the same for your business. The configuration and transfer of your data securely with least interruption and downtime are the important factors which will be managed by a professional team of experts. 

Our consultants are available to help you with all the queries during this migration process. IT TEKS is a leading Microsoft Office service provider in Melbourne and also provides ongoing support for Microsoft Office 365

IT TEKS achieves the migration to Office 365 by:

  • Supplying, installing and setting-up Office 365 in your IT System so you have a complete office/business network in the Cloud
  • Assessment of your data and resources before migration to recommend you the most suitable plan
  • Following the best and proven practices for migration to Office 365
  • Deploying Office 365 with an easy-to-use, web-based administration console, state-of-the-art anti-virus software and spam protection, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Providing 24/7 Office 365 support in Melbourne

Benefits of migrating to Office 365:

  • Access virtually anywhere to the Microsoft Office tools plus business-class IT services that are easy to administer
  • Effective company IT management, compliance and team collaboration
  • Staying up to date with all users’ changes in the same document, even if the changes are made at the same time
  • All files automatically backed-up online, even the ones on your laptop, PC or tablet
  • Ability to stream a full-featured version of your Office on any Internet-connected PC, laptop or tablet
  • Meet your customers and partners online with HD video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Always have the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access
  • Use business-class, Web-based Outlook, including a reasonable size mailbox per user, shared calendars, and task-list tools
  • Have easy access and sharing of documents with expandable baseline storage for the group and individual users
  • Access anywhere to the latest Office applications, enterprise cloud services, such as team sites and hosted voicemail
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