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Looking to upgrade your phone system?

IT Teks has a long history of deploying and supporting on-premise PBX solutions for Australian customers.Partnering with leading technology vendors in Unified Communications such as LG, Cisco, NEC, Polycom and Microsoft we offer a comprehensive range of collaboration systems and tools that integrate with your existing technology.

Whether you are a large enterprise operation or a small to mid-size business, we have the equipment you need at a budget to suit your needs.From an architecture point of view we can deploy these services either on site or delivered centrally via our secure cloud.

What is on-premise and how does it differ to a Hosted PBX?

An On-Premise Phone System simply means that the telephone switching system (either virtual or physical) is located on the customer premises and is generally purchased outright. Our Hosted PBX solution is hosted securely in our cloud and removes the need for you to manage and operate PBX hardware systems on your premise.

There are many reasons for choosing either solution, however here are some of the reasons why organisations may opt for a on-premise solution:

Your business has legacy equipment. Having the system on-site allows it to connect to other equipment at that site or legacy ISDN and PSTN trunk circuits that cannot be delivered or moved to the cloud.

When purchasing an on-premise solution, the phone system is owned and managed by you at your premise and not a third party. This is can be appealing for those with internal IT resources who can manage it and make changes or upgrades without having to rely on the abilities and priorities of a third party.

Not dependent on the quality of your data connection.

The benefits of partnering with IT Teks, is that we offer both on-premise and Hosted PBX solutions and can tailor it to your requirements. For more information on our Hosted PBX offering, see below.

Need connectivity with that?

For PSTN carriage and integration we provide integrated SIP Trunking solutions or ISDN connectivity.

Hosted PBX solution

Our Hosted PBX cloud based Unified Communications (UC) solution is hosted securely in our Cloud and removes the need for you to manage and operate PBX hardware systems on your premise. In addition, the architecture also eliminates the need for separate ISDN and SIP trunks, as PSTN calling features are bundled into the monthly subscription.

The solution provides enterprise grade UC features, such as reception consoles, voice and video soft clients, instant messaging and presence, all at one low predictable monthly spend. To compliment your implementation, we can also deliver call centre solutions, auto attendants, call recording and more for an integrated experience.

How does it work?

Delivered across our private IP network, eliminating the need for physical phone systems at different locations. High quality handsets are supplied, which simply plug into the local area Data network and connect securely back to the Hosted PBX in our Cloud.

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