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What would the implications be for your business if your server crashed, and the data from your computer systems was unrecoverable?

Most businesses today back up their computer systems to avoid the crisis associated with such an event, and to minimise the inconvenience and financial costs of having to re-enter all the lost data.

IT TEKS can help you install systems that will ensure your data is securely backed up and can be recovered in case of emergency.

At IT TEKS we offer not only backup procedures, but also disaster recovery solutions. By including this in your server, you can ensure your valuable work cannot be lost.


Business related data requires a business grade solution. All servers and network storage devices provided by IT TEKS come configured with RAID as standard. Due to RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks you can rest assured knowing that your data is being stored somewhere where hardware failure is not likely to cause an issue. With most RAID configurations, if a single hard drive fails, then another will take over its spot and the device will notify that a hard drive has failed. This drive can then be replace and continue to work smoothly with no downtime.


IT TEKS can also offer off-site backups to the cloud. We utilize offsite storage solutions that can push backup files to a secure server over the internet. This process is usually completed overnight in order to ensure no disruption to the quality of the internet during the day. Once your data is offsite, you can rest assured knowing that hardware failure, theft or damage to your devices won’t impact the integrity of your data.

There are many reasons that data can be lost including:

  • Accidentally deleting a file
  • Human administration error
  • Software Bugs
  • Data corruption
  • Encrypted data
  • Power failure
  • Accidental loss of equipment
  • Damaged equipment
  • Criminal activity
  • Computer Infections

Fortunately, IT TEKS can help you take measures to prevent most causes of unintentional lost data. In the event of a dreaded system crash, IT TEKS can recover everything. Data recovery can be crucial to many businesses, contact us today to ensure your data will not be lost.

What to do if you have lost data already…

If your data is gone please call us as soon as possible for expert assistance. Time can be a factor so doesn’t delay. While we can’t guarantee that all data is recoverable you may be surprised at what can be recovered.


In order to ensure data is backed up weekly, daily and even incrementally software solutions are often put in place. By scheduling a consistent, repetitive backup you can ensure your data is available in the event of system failure, or accidental deletion.

On-Site drives can be swapped out as they are usually a portable USB hard drive. This means that the data can be backed up throughout the day and over night, then each morning swapped out for another portable drive. Multiple drives mean your data is always going to be recoverable.

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