Restaurant & Cafe Menu Design

Increase your sales, and improve the image of your restaurant with a professionally designed café or restaurant menu design. We create menu designs that compliment your restaurant design and theme while working to your budget.

  • Great menu design can really improve your bottom line

    Restaurant menu design involves more than just a list of food and prices. It is a big part of the restaurant experience, and it’s layout, typography, and even order of the content all plays an important part in giving your customers what they are looking for, and in the end, increase your sales by enticing customers to purchase your cuisine.

    Menu design does involve a strategy, what we like to call menu engineering. This includes the understanding of menu category arrangement, the order of cuisines within these categories, and the actual design of the menu. The techniques used to create your menu design have a proven track record of improving your restaurants’ bottom line.

  • Unique menu design will set the stage for what’s to follow

    A well organised and striking menu design improves your restaurants’ image by making customers feel like they have come somewhere special, somewhere with great food, and an eye for detail. Your menu design is essentially the packaging for your products, it has a strong influence over a customer initially liking, or disliking what is being offered.

    Each restaurant is unique in its own way; the location, the atmosphere, the table settings, the staff and of course, the food. We take all this into consideration when designing your cafe or restaurant menu. Combine our design with the amazing Menu Company’s Menu Covers, and you have something special.

  • Great menu design encourages return visits

    There is only so much one can order in one sitting at your restaurant. With a good menu design, each and every item on the menu should be enticing, making your customers wonder what they are missing out on once they order. This encourages them to return and sample the rest of your menu.

  • We love creating menu designs for anything

  • Editable menu design
  • Folded menu design
  • Stand up table menu
  • Timber menu designs
  • Food and Beverage menu
  • Beer/Wine/Spirits menu
  • Catering menus
  • Restaurant menu design
  • Fine Dining menu design
  • Apértif& Cocktail menus
  • Café menu design
  • Hotel Bar menu
  • Take away menu flyer
  • Vineyard & Winery Winelist
  • Wall menu design
  • Room Service menu
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